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The Default Minecraft Textures are simple and basic that you can get bored of really easily so the Minecraft community start creating some interesting creative Texture packs that change and spice up the visuals of blocks, items, mobs, and anything in the game. there are many different types of texture packs that can boost your fps which make your game much smoother and some that can make the game more realistic and real you can also use shaders to make it look even better so it’s hard to find the perfect texture pack that can fit your need so today I have 5 of the best Texture packs for 1.19 + 1 extra pack.

5 Packs+1 extra

1- Faithless

This pack changes every texture the creator aims to give Minecraft accessible to everyone, it adds more character and personality to the game experience and more.

2- Bare Bones

This pack is inspired by the unique look of Minecraft official trailers which makes it one of a kind and it gave the basic cartoonish look in Minecraft there is also a full video explaining how to turn your game exactly like the trailers from animations and effects everything.

3- Canvas

Canvas pack gives all of Minecraft’s Textures the BrushUp style it was created only using a brush tool which makes it one of a kind, it’s not a fully 1.19 pack it needs some time to be fully completed. Canvas tries to keep the texture pack as default as possible.

4- Jicklus

Jicklus pack captures the default classic Minecraft style mixed with a rural style it does give the game a natural feeling I recommend using shaders to really bring more life use Sildur’s shaders it’s most compatible with the pack and I promise it will change the Minecraft game experience.

5- Faithful

The FAITHFUL texture pack is a really famous Pack it has over +10 million Downloads across the internet all they did is simply improve the default look of Minecraft that already exists, Faithful is a 32×32 pixel pack that focused on giving a high-resolution quality and brighter colors that attract players eyes.

6- New Default+

The New Default+ is a really big texture pack it doesn’t work fine with low-end devices so make sure your device is capable to hand it, to get the full new default experience Optifine is required! it gives you the ability to name items to change their texture using an Anvil also if players in SMP used it they can see it too.

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