Today am showing you my Top 5 Minecraft shaders for the new 1.19 update that range from high performance to extreme realistic so you can find the best fitting shaders for you all the download links down below

Best 1.19 Shaders


One of my favorite shaders that works fine with Optifine and fabric I enjoy playing Minecraft with it you should give it a try.


this shader isn’t for everyone it require a decent Pc so you can run it smoothly or you can lower the render distance for better experience.


Require Optifine or it will consistently crash your game but it’s such Great looking shaders i do recommend using it.


it’s a clean shader but kinda bright it doesn’t require using a good pc it runs smoothly it works fine if you have a drop in fps consider lowering your render distance.

5-Sildurs Extreme

this shader is for everyone anyone can use it it comes in low setting for high performance or extreme settings that are so realistic you should give it a try.

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