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Swamp Update

Now it’s much more interesting to study the swamps!

1. Features of the biomes:
▪ All the grass in the swamps biome will have different textures;
▪ The seagrass in the swamps biome will be a different color, and the animation of its movement will be several times slower;
▪ The texture of the lily pads has been changed (Ooze, reeds, lily pads etc);
▪ The texture of the dead bush has been changed (Mangrove propagules in the mud & dead bushes);
▪ Fireflies will circle above the surface of the water.

2. Blocks:
▪ Pebbles and clover will now be found on the surface of the mud;
▪ The texture of muddy mangrove roots has been changed, now the roots are intertwined with mud;
▪ Mangrove roots that are in the water will be covered with a green coating;
▪ The moss carpet will now hang from the roots;
▪ Now, among the usual orchids, it will be possible to meet its giant version (The idea was taken from the game Serious Sam 2);

3. Mobs:
▪ Only in the mangrove swamps will it be possible to meet a blue frog. Membranes were also added to all frogs. The membranes can be seen if the frog opens its mouth (This blue frog color & membranes was presented on the concept art from Mojang);


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