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Elevate Your Minecraft Experience!

Minecraft X-ray Ultimate Texture Pack 1.18/1.19

The X-ray Texturepack makes Minecraft much easier and fun to play if you played the new 1.18 minecraft update you know that Diamonds are ridiculously harder to find though you may want to indulge in a little bit of X-ray you will be able to see and find Diamonds, Gold, Iron, and even Ancient Debris in the Nether Dimension much easier, you can spot the ores around you and from miles away, it will decrease your long mining sessions into minutes with 100% more profit in less time in the mines.

This Minecraft X-ray Texture Pack will make you one of the richest Minecraft Players in no time, With the Diamonds, you can craft high-tier weapons and tools and armor that you can always convert into Netherite using the Ancient Debris from the Nether Dimensionor it will be so easy to acquire or you can make a maxed out Diamond Beacon to show how rich you are and flex on your own friends xD.

Disclaimer: You can use this texture pack in your singleplayer world or on your custom servers with your friends, but do keep in mind don’t use X-ray it on Big servers if you do there is a 99% chance that you will end up getting banned eventually.

That’s it, Here is your download link below I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial.

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