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Get X-Ray for Minecraft Bedrock


This is the new 1.19 version of Minecraft X-ray for Bedrock players simply its a texture pack that you can use to make your game easier if you having a hard time trying to find diamonds in the new 1.19 update that changes Diamonds generation but not only diamonds also other ores like Iron, Gold, Coal and most important Ancient Debris so if you want to make your life easier just download this texture pack and make sure to not use it on servers we don’t want you to risk your account to get BANNED, you still can use it in singleplayer or your friend’s servers.


this pack will make the richest and most wealthy Player among your friends you can flix your diamonds and ores they will be really jealous, you can build diamonds statues and houses of GOLD and live like a KING!

Tips and Tricks for using this X-Ray Texture pack

What you see now is an x-ray Texture Pack for Minecraft bedrock that makes every single ore visible from miles away you can find diamonds gold iron or even ancient debris in the nether it makes your game is much easier to play and give you can get stacked extremely fast but do keep in mind while using this structure pack do not use on servers because you might get yourself banned so without further ado let me show you how to get it to yourself go down to the description click on our website uh click on download button right there yeah scroll all the way down then click on download server 1 or server 2 it doesn’t matter then click on download again and wait for

A couple of seconds, and you’re good to go just double-click on the resource pack and it’s gonna launch your Minecraft bedrock, and it’s gonna automatically start importing the textures to your game it’s gonna say successfully imported go to your settings scroll all the way down to global resources then click on activate then my packs and finally, just activate the x-ray texture pack it’s going to teleport to active that’s how you know it’s working fine then just exit the settings and it’s going to automatically load for you as you can see I just joined the new

I do recommend you use night vision potions for better visibility cause there will be some of them that are extremely dark for some reason and some will be really bright, I have absolutely no idea why it does that.

but it’s a bedrock thing so yeah there are even more things to this texture pack you have to go back to the settings and click on the icon next to the activate and you can choose the texture that you want to make visible so if you’re going mining diamonds or nether or iron.

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