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Texture pack plays between simplified and realistic notes that create a slightly cartoonish style that perfectly complements the cubic vanilla theme. Brighter resources will ensure that various shaders or Optifine functionality work correctly, allowing you to take beautiful screenshots or make videos about your projects.
The author tested this for various locations, which is typical for PvP and Minigames servers, so you can be completely sure that this alternative set of resources will look great at each level or even in the open game world. As with any other PvP pack, this should contain improvements for all weapons, armor, GUI and HUD. Basically, the author has concentrated all his efforts on these elements of the gameplay and the player can get even more impressions from the fights.
Garnet is an advanced PvP pack with a slightly increased 32×32 pixel resolution that contains not only improved PvP elements but also excellent compatibility with shaders and Optifine HD, and it can also be used everyday for survival or exploring cities, homes, or server hub.

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Monochrome PvP is my not so long awaited project I’ve