Complementary Shaders Reimagined

Complementary Shaders Reimagined is the new version of Complementary Shaders for Minecraft Java 1.19 i that will give the game a new feeling and new experience to your game, I hope you enjoy today’s article if so as I said double check that you are subscribed that our youtube channel and I hope you have an amazing day, ENJOY!


To download it all you have to do is head to the link above after doing so, press win + r in your keyboard a pop up will appear search for the following %appdata% and then click ok or enter.

After all of this you should be greeted with a folder you are going to find .minecraft if you are there that means you are still following along side with me, then head to mods and under mods you are going to find shaders drag it to the right place and there you go just make sure to reload minecraft and that is it!

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