Category: Mods

Elytra Physics

Elytra Physics is just a simple Minecraft mod that update the elytra physics to look more realistically and look less stiff. No longer will the

Piercing Paxels

Piercing Paxels is a basic Mod that add customizable multi-tools to the game. Now you can mine stone wood and sand with only one tool

Wolves Of Other furs (W.O.O.F)

(W.O.O.F) adds new unique features to Minecraft wolves and blocks like Bowls for food, Dog Beds and more upcoming in the future this mod requires

More frogs

More Frogs adds New variants of frogs with different features and drops when they eat Slime or Magma cubes, Currently there is 9 unique Frogs


ArrowCam is a Mod that follows your arrows as they fly through the air! the mod is updated for the latest Minecraft versions 1.19/1.19.1, the Mod